Bankruptcy Assistance Program – Fee Reductions for Lower Income Families

Are you experiencing financial difficulties and considering filing for bankruptcy?

The Bankruptcy Assistance Program is a grant-funded, needs-based program, providing low-cost legal assistance, provided by our volunteers, to those with low income and few assets.

To qualify for a reduction in legal fees, you must

  • be single and filing for bankruptcy, or married and with both spouses filing for bankruptcy
  • be a renter and not a homeowner
  • have less than $1000 in cash or in the bank
  • have monthly expenses that exceed your monthly income
  • own cars worth less than $3675 (a single person) or $7350 (a married couple)
  • have income based on household size of less than
Household size Income
1 $17,655
2 $23,895
3 $30,135
4 $36,375
5 $42,615
6 $48,855
7 $55,095
8 $61,335

If you fall within these guidelines, make an appointment to meet with a volunteer to determine your eligibility.

If you are not sure you meet these criteria, you can speak with an attorney about your situation by scheduling a FREE one-hour bankruptcy consultation.  Our fees are sliding-scale based on income and household size, and we offer payment plans as well.